Coco’s Camellias

Guest blogged by Featured Snapette User Rebecca of Haute So Fabulous

Coco’s Camellias: The Inspiration Behind Coco Chanel’s Iconic Blossom


Gabrielle Chanel was a lady with a vision that has lasted the test of time and one that we all still see, feel, wear, embrace, live and are always surrounded by today. For many reasons, she was and always will be, the First Lady of Fashion.


From an endless list of interesting topics that stem from Gabrielle Chanel, one that comes to mind when thinking of the legacy she left behind is Chanel’s loyal use of Camellia flowers in so many of its designs. We see the iconic blossom integrated with so many Chanel creations throughout it’s history and today is of no exception.


As with everything fabulous in the world of Chanel there is reason for it’s existence so let’s take it back to the beginning. From what we know, Coco received the most beautiful bouquet of Camellias from the love of her life, Boy Capel, in 1912.


Needless to say she was already besotted with Capel but now she was also infatuated with the flowers he introduced her to, the very ones that became one of her most celebrated inspirations and that have continued to live on in many a Chanel icon.

Here at Snapette we just cannot resist anything with a pretty Chanel Camellia on it and clearly neither can our fabulous users..


 These killer heels are certainly Chanel-tastic with the prettiest Camellia beaded-motif up top, as snapped at Bergdorfs.


From this Snap, from Harrods, looks like a girl can never have enough wallets, well definitely not of the Camellia kind! Wink wink!!


These sneakers are certainly rockin’ the Camellia vibe, don’t you think?


Summer is here and it looks like a Camellia Sandal Summer is what every shoe wardrobe is in need of.. See all the above snaps as proof. Our users from all over the world seem to be loving the Camellia just as much as us!


It is even in Chanel skincare these days. The Hydra Beauty line consists of Camellia Alba PFA, an active ingredient which stimulates “optimal moisture within skin cells”*

The flower itself is one of the few that will open in the cold of winter months and comes in equally rich yet delicate colors ranging from deep reds to pinks to the purest of whites. With visible perfection in its geometrical roundness, it is no surprise Coco fell for its effortless allure and simple beauty.


She had it in much of her own private interior designs too. In fact much of her apartment was adorned with the blossom. With everything from her Coromandel screens to light fixtures & just about everything in between.

So Snapettes, we hope you’ve learned a little something here today, beauty always has a story and in the words of Coco herself, “The seeming simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace”

Love R x


“A woman can be over-dressed but never over-elegant”

~ Coco Chanel

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