User Shout Out: Lucy MacCarthy

Meet Snapette super user and Los Angeles based designer Lucy! We discovered her style on social and loved her snaps on the app and couldn’t wait to get in touch to learn more about her love for fashion.

  1. Tell us about you!

I have been living and working in Los Angeles for about a year now, which has been such an incredible experience! After graduating in the UK studying fashion design, it’s been such a great year of growing in confidence in my abilities and generally evolving as a real designer. Also being able to get involved in other projects for fun has really broadened my horizons. Not to mention the fact I have been shopping non-stop since I stepped foot off the plane – my wardrobe has managed to double in size. Thank you exchange rate.

  1. How did you first hear about the Snapette app and what do you like about it?

A friend of mine in New York was completely hooked on it and I knew I had to see what all the fuss was about. I am constantly out and about and always on my phone, so anything that I can do on the go is ideal. I don’t have time to properly sit down at a laptop and search through websites for the latest fashions. The Snapette app allows me to shop at any moment whenever I get the chance! 

  1. Favorite designers and why?

I have a deep set shoe obsession, so obviously number one is Manolo Blahnik. His shoes are beautiful but his designs on paper, are works of art. Vivienne Westwood has always been a huge influence, not only for her amazing collections but also the life that she’s led. She taught herself, she created a movement, she is basically a complete renegade even to this day. But in terms of clothes alone I am really drawn to The Row. It’s such discreet luxury, neutral palette, clean lines, rich textures all of which epitomises my ideal style; effortless chic.

  1. 5 pieces currently on your wishlist?

As a designer I look for pieces that are well produced, good materials etc. So to update my upcoming fall wardrobe (hopefully LA gets cold enough..)

Number 1: Starting from the feet up (naturally) Senso is one of my favourite shoe brands. Hailing from Australia, the Whitney II Chalk Leopard Pony Shoe $209 is my current lust. I’m all about versatility, so I can throw things on in the morning and know whatever crops up later in the day I’m ready for. I love a good statement shoe as I wear a lot of neutrals.

 Number 2: I’m obsessed with this LA based eco brand and I’m a sucker for a two-piece, Reformation’s new Jute 2 Piece $228 is bang on. Perfect for the evening paired with heels, but just as easily worn with ballet flats or sneakers during the day. It’s elegant, as there’s not too much skin but just enough on show to be fun and sexy. An added bonus as they say in their description – it’s technically two items. Aka two for one! Awesome – I’ll take one in every colour please.

 Number 3: A lot of the basic tees I wear tend to go sheer after a few washes (you know the kind). To combat this so I’m not throwing them away, I need this Bat Your Lashes Bralette $121.00, by another of my favourite LA designers, For Love and Lemons. It is not only a solution to this issue, but a general underwear upgrade. Also the nude panels ensure the barely-there appearance is simply an illusion, in reality you’re perfectly covered.

 Number 4: Every Christmas when I go home, I forget how cold it is and end up stealing my dad’s cashmere sweater, which is Marks and Spencers men’s Autograph Pure Cashmere Crew Jumper (£89). If I buy nothing else all winter I will buy at least one of these babies. Likely teamed with leather look jeans, boots and a camel coat, this is literally all I need in my wardrobe. The men’s fit gives that slouchy French look, plus no one will ever know it’s a ‘Dad jumper’!

Number 5: For someone who works in fashion I can be extremely lazy and often my prep for social events is rushed or non-existent. I need minimum input maximum output. So to step things up from the jeans and heels combo, I have my eye on these jazzy Topshop’s Premium Gunmetal Cigarette Trousers $110. I would probably team these with black stilettos and either a chunky knit or silk blouse. Job done.

  1. Why is fashion important to you?  Primarily we all like to look and feel good! But on a more thoughtful level, few people dress the same their whole life and I love looking to fashion to see the evolution of yourself and others. Clothes can be a landmark of an event, they can be nostalgic, empowering, comfortable, restricting, the list is endless. It’s amazing we created a way of telling each other so much about ourselves without even talking. Just through our clothes. As a designer, it fascinates me.
  1. What are the biggest challenges and the biggest rewards of being a designer? Challenges day to day for me are just decision making. Sometimes I end up agonising over the colour of a button for hours! I’ve learnt you just have to have confidence in your conviction and go with it. The reward is of course seeing someone wearing a piece of clothing you were part of making. I find it surreal to think of the journey that one piece of clothing takes from a sketch to being on a real life person!

Thanks Lucy! Keep an eye out for her designs coming soon & be sure to follow her LA adventures on Instagram & Pinterest.



Waterway x Warby Parker

Dreaming of white beaches feeling sand between your toes, endless horizons watching the sun dip below the ocean, and sipping sangria laying out by the pool? Well the guys down at Warby Parker certainly were when designing their new Waterway Collection. Taking the brand’s favourite styles and adding a refreshing new summer time spin for this exclusive summer collection.
Now summer time is one of my absolute favourite times of year, not only providing an extremely valid reason to visit every rooftop bar in the city, but also giving you every excuse to buy a new pair of sandals…every week gosh I know I have a problem. And when better to whip out your staple sunnies than in the height of summer?! Warby Parker‘s latest collection have taken timeless styles; BensenGriffinPerceyPiper & Welty, for a quick dip and attributed shoreline shades like Sand Castle and Marine Pebble for a dash of summer time allure.
Being both a glasses wearer and a sunglass fanatic, it is more than refreshing to see these iconic styles that all Warby Parkerfans know and love and add and extra special incentive of purchase. Warby Parker’s ‘Do Good’ programme’s ethos is ‘by a pair, give a pair’ and works towards supporting those 703 million people who currently live without access to eyewear. So far Warby Parker have managed to provide over 1 million people across the World with the vital glasses that they so need, click here to watch the inspiring video.
The Waterway collection has hit stores this week and is available to shop in store and showrooms across America, and is now available to shop onlineclick here to shop.
Written by Georgia Benjamin, check out her blog at

Sayonara Summer Sales


Tis the summer season to scrape together the little bits of fun money left. Why you ask? One word: SALE. Why wait and buy later, when you can buy NOW. While you consume responsibly every other month, it is time to steal the reasonably priced goodies (yes, the need vs. want is irrelevant right now) before stores replenish with full price fall collections.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.52.06 PM

Definition of clearance: the ultimate super sale of each season that produces an unhealthy obsession with getting the biggest bang for your buck.


The largest consortium of brands and price points can be found at Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale that is ending August 4th. If you are running short on time and looking for some quick trendy elements, ASOS online is offering 25% off their summer styles + free shipping on orders $25 or more. Both Bloomingdales and ZARA also have larger collections of basic necessities. Get a head on fall trends and look at Forever21 who is featuring a competitive offer of back to school basics starting at $6. Lastly, for all of the high-end/designer yuppies, Barney’s end-of-the-season items are at 75% off. Don’t miss out!


Tips to wrangle the racks and make the best of your hunt:

  1. Enter the threshold of fashionable goodness at off hours. Prime time could be in the mornings or around dinner hours right before the store closes. Do your best to avoid weekend craziness.
  2. Shop with purpose and be realistic. During your hunt, set out for a few main pieces that you can wear more than once. Snagging the cheap goods can be a financial waste if you wear once.
  3. Bring a partner in crime. Share your shopping goals with a gal with similar style. Hit the racks with each other’s needs in mind. This will expedite the hunting process.f9a7093b6e98bc627f81ed9c483f1ec4
  4. Stay hydrated. While that iced latte may be refreshing and give you an extra kick in the rear energy wise, it may cause serious thirst. Stick to teas and waters to get you through. (Caution: over indulging may lead to long bathroom lines)
  5. Snag work wear basics that you don’t have or don’t have enough. These essentials are best to buy now because you will always need them and will help you save a few pennies down the road.



Written by Audrey Stone



Red, White, and Review of the 4th of July

Image via Pinterest

And now we can all let out a big sigh of relief and sadness as we wave goodbye to another epic 4th of July weekend. Yes, we all consumed too much food, spent way too much time soaking up the sun, and probably went back to work way too tired… It’s okay, it was only one long weekend. While it may seem obvious that all residents of the glorious USA would observe the birth of this fine nation, only 82% of respondents took a break from their daily routines to celebrate.

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Every birthday party has a theme, regardless if it is explicitly stated or not. For America’s birthday, anything red, white, and blue was sported this past weekend by 47% of male respondents and 58% of female respondents.

Image via Pinterest

Shockingly, only 2% of male respondents opted to wear an American flag-inspired toga get up. In the land of the free and the home of the extra-large fries, America goes big and does not go home. We asked 2,162 patriots about their Independence Day activities and found that 58% of respondents spent the weekend hovering around the barbeque with a bunch of buddies.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Some super flag wavers took matters into their own hands this holiday weekend. Instead of watching locally scheduled pyrotechnics, 13% of respondents set off their own fireworks in their backyard or neighborhood… By the way, thanks for the invitation. Sadly, it is time to take down those star spangled banners and toss the leftover the mini food emblazoned with American propaganda. See you next year fellow patriots!

Written by Audrey Stone

Collaboration Nation: Other Stories X Richard Braqo

& Other Stories, the Swedish fashion house and younger yet more mature style sister of H&M and COS, writes style stories every day in the lives and wardrobes of its loyal and fashionable devotees. Yet as if the fabulous ready-to-wear collection weren’t enough for us to desire and drool over, the brand’s shoe department has just swept us off our pretty little feet with a love story of its own; taking us with it on its sexy new collaboration adventures to lands so seductive we can’t help but get our panties in a twist.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,  feast your pretty little eyes on the brand’s latest (and possibly greatest thus far) marriage of high-heeled chic with high-street dreams, all in the name of stiletto genius extraordinaire, Richard Braqo..
Parsons graduate and recipient of the Cesare Paciotti Accessories Award, Richard Braqo is the height of London’s pride and joy right now, having just launched his brand for the SS13 season. In the land of such high heeled beauties, his designs are “seductive with severe attention to detail and inspired by the designer’s own identity and experiences.” It is his signature stiletto design that has gained him much respect and admiration and the very thing he’s reworked for the high-street store yet as king of the stiletto, it’s not simply the fact that we can all have a piece of the Braqo beauty that makes this new combination of high-street with high-end fabulosity so exciting, but also the fact that it is the designer’s first time ever to design a pair of flats. Shocking, we know! But utterly thrilling nonetheless.

“This collection combines several different points of view,” noted Braqo of his latest project, “from the abstract to the whimsical and the sexy to the rebellious, all unifying feminine and masculine elements while keeping a tight palette.”

Also part of the collection are two bags by the young and talented designer. Both in black, a clutch version and a matching shoulder edition (just in case) are sure to bring chic up a notch (or ten) in any wardrobe.With prices ranging from £39 and £79, the nine styles, all in a neutral color scheme of white, black, silver and nude, are available in store and on-line now.
Shop the full collection at & Other Stories

Love R x
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